Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Horror, The Horror!

Over the past week, The Horrors' full-length Strange House: Psychotic Sounds for Freaks and Weirdos [Loog Records BOOO892902] has been a steady resident of the cd player. It's good; very, very good. That wasn't a surprise after hearing their debut EP which I wrote about here.

Their 'hit' Sheena is a Parasite is included, as is the Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages cover, Jack the Ripper. There's nine more tracks with not a dud among them. Horrors' Theme ranks as the catchiest with the pulsating Silver Apples-esque Gil Sleeping being a surprising inclusion.

The sound harkens back to the sixties lo-tech DIY spook rock of Joe Meek. That's an influence that opens sonic possibilities. Hell, what else is there? Marilyn Manson? I should hope not.


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