Saturday, April 29, 2006

Umlauts of the Apocalypse

I enjoy making mixtapes. OK, mixdiscs is a more accurate description, but it is difficult to relabel the files in my head, hence mixtapes. It’s been years that I’ve been buying them but I still refer to CDs as “albums”.

My most recent mixtape was drawn from a few choice vinyl examples of Euro-Style Art Rock. Ahhh, the sonic joy that is my taste in music…or so I think as I pass the finished project on to my friends.

Archaic national designations are deliberate.

Umlauts of the Apocalypse Volume 1

1. Banda Elastica – Pesadila [Mexico]
2. Dün – Arrakis [France]
3. Magma – Troller Tanz [The Planet Kobaia]
4. Egg – Contrasong [UK]
5. No Secrets in the Family – Toaster Tango [Switzerland]
6. Reportaz – Tytanik [Poland]
7. Þursaflokkur – Sigtrygurr vann… [Iceland]
8. Aquarium – rnA3 [USSR]
9. Brainticket – From Another Planet/Radagacuca [Switzerland]
10. Opus Avantra – Lust [Italy]
11. Witthüser & Westrupp – Erleuchtung und Berufung [West Germany]
12. Gong – A Sprinkling of Clouds [The Planet Gong]
13. Carmen – Fandangos in Space [UK/Spain]

Umlauts of the Apocalypse Volume 2

1. Heldon – Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes [France]
2. Hawkwind – Hassan I Sabha [UK]
3. Zamla Mammaz Manna – The Forge [Sweden]
4. Magma – Soleil D’Ork [The Planet Kobaia]
5. Nazca – Estación De Sombra [Mexico]
6. Piirpauke – Uusi Laulu Paimenille [Finland]
7. Teddy Lasry – Nonsense [France]
8. East of Eden – Xhorkom/Ramadam/In the Snow for a Blow [UK]
9. Syrinx – Syren [Canada]
10. Melodic Energy Commission – Stranger in Mystery [Canada]
11. Teddy Lasry – Quasar [France]
12. Heldon – Perspective III (Baader-Meinhof Blues) [France]
13. The Plastic People of the Universe – Samson [Czechoslovakia]
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