Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kaleidoscopes and Tall Dwarfisms

Despite the snowstorm on Friday, yesterday was sunny with only a minimum amount of slush on the sidewalk and that meant going for a walk. And since all walks should have a destination, I stopped by BMV books and headed straight to the cd bins.

The first find was a budget Sony Special Products edition of Kaleidoscope's 1969 album Incredible! If you know their first two LPs, Side-Trips and A Beacon from Mars, you may know what to expect: Middle Eastern Cajun Psychedelic fusion. And it's even better than my description might suggest. I'd go so far as to suggest that the eleven minute "Seven-Ate Sweet" alone is worth the price of admission. Stop by the excellent Pulsating Dreams fansite for a bit of history.

The second disc was Chris Knox's Songs of You & Me, which features the complete Hanging Out for Time to Cure Birth and A Stranger's Iron Shore albums. My experience has been that his and his band the Tall Dwarfs' material does not often appear in local shops so I had better buy them when I see them. His songs are witty, catchy, and many other good things. Find out more at the Flying Nun site here. Also on-line is his interview with Forced Exposure, readable here, sadly without the hilarious footnotes that appeared in the print edition.

Here's a video of Knox's first band, The Enemy. Enjoy

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Blogger Testify said...

In the 90's a friend of mine once left me an ansa phone message informing me that The High Llamas were meeting The Tall Dwarves in The Hermits Cave.It amused me greatly as I thought it sounded like a move in some sort of Hobbit inspired roleplay game, in fact The High Llamas are, of course, Sean O' Hagan's band who were at that time sharing the bill with The Tall Dwarves at various London venues and The Hermits Cave is one of Camberwells less salubrious pubs which nevertheless attracted our custom.

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